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CheckMesh in SimScale like in openFOAM

At openFOAM its possible to do a CheckMesh with multiple options and write an output cell array to open it in i. e. ParaView.
The Meshing Log is ok, but CheckMesh included more information.

CheckMesh Wiki
CheckMesh and visualization in ParaView (Video)

It would be nice if this could be done in Simscale and you could check your mesh like this. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your feedback mate! Already forwarded it to our engineers :slight_smile:



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This would really help to improve mesh quality.

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I have recently been able to figure out a relatively easy way to install OpenFoam and use it on a PC. Ric and I have also deciphered a lot of OpenFoam issues when trying to use CheckMesh in OpenFoam.

Would it be worth presenting that method here?

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Hi Dale,

If its on native windows 10, that would be great. So far my workaround is to import it into ubuntu as OpenFOAM on windows is quite frustrating when it comes to determining where the main directory should be.


For ‘technically minded’, there is a relatively new way of ‘installing’ OpenFoam’ in a Container: This is a short explanation from OpenFoam installation page.

## Docker

OpenCFD Ltd. uses Docker Hub to distribute pre-compiled versions of OpenFOAM for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows, including a complete development environment.

Docker containers enable binaries compiled on a given Linux environment to be run on other platforms without any performance degradation. Docker also operates on Windows and Mac OS X wrapped in a light-weight Virtual Box.

An image of OpenFOAM contains binaries and source code. The Docker environment provides:

* A complete development environment to compile local modifications and create executables.
* A consistent behaviour of the OpenFOAM across all platforms

Check if your (Linux or Windows or Mac OS X) system is supported by visiting

I’m software engineer and I did use VM in the past, but even with that experience Docker concept is new to me and not obvious at all (well, after two days). Of cours, you can decide, when starting Docker, how many core of CPU it should use which means you should left at least one core for Windows. Docker greatly simplifies GPU setting (at least for Deep Learning, etc…). I would need at least a couple of month to feel like a stranger in NY.




Ok, I will move it up my ‘Todo’ list, it is BlueCFD based …

The method is now described in this topic :slight_smile:

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Still can’t do checkMesh in SimScale but here is a way to do it with OpenFOAM in Win10 if you are not Linux literate:

Sorry, link to the checkMesh procedure is temporarily unavailable.

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