Changes to minimize context switching

Context switching (switching to a project with different geometry) can be time consuming, especially when working with large models.

I have a few suggestions, to minimize the amount of context switching required.

When creating a simulation run there should be an option to “create run and start”. This saves having to come back at a later time to start the run.

When a simulation is complete the stop symbol in the Job Status window should change to a download symbol. After completion the stop symbol is no longer required. Making the results available for download from the Job Status window saves having to switch context just to download the results.

I don’t seem to be able to work on different simulations in different browser tabs simultaneously. Is this something that should work or will be supported in the future?

Hello Ben,

Great ideas! I just passed them to the engineering team. The first two suggestions seem to be quite easy modifications- I will push them for discussion and implementation.

When it comes to support of multiple platform instances, this is a thing that is being worked on. Right now these trouble you are experiencing are due to quite strict security measures. As you know, only one person can be logged in to single account at the same time. If you log in from a different device, the original account is disconnected. Things get a bit “tricky” when you log twice from the same device. It works up to a point. We are definitely investigating this feature and preparing improvements.

Once again, thanks for great feedback!

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Hi Pawel,

I’ve discovered something else which may help. Currently, it is possible to drill up and down in the tree, using the (+) and (-) icons without triggering a geometry change. In fact, it possible to drill all the way down to a Simulation Run and download the results file. This is great.

Where I get caught is clicking on the top level (-) icon. So collapsing the top level simulation, because I’m done with it, will trigger a change in geometry, which is not desirable.

It seems to me that collapsing the top level simulation should not trigger a change in geometry.

Hi Ben,

That makes sense. I will point it out further.

Thanks Pawel,

I’ve also noticed that clicking on the top level text of any simulation (other than the active simulation) will trigger a geometry update, even if the geometry of the clicked simulation is the same as the active simulation.