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CFD trubidity simulation

Dear all

my analysis exists out of the following

SETUP: I have a big basin with in the center a funnel. The basin is rapidly filled with a mixture of water. when it reaches its maximum height (height of the funnel) it will overflow and water will drop down. the downside of the funnel is in contact with a constant watertabel.

PROBLEM: i want to simulate the turbidity of the faling water in the constant water table and see which measures in the funnel will work well to lower the turbidity. So there will be a benchmark simulation with the design below and then different set ups will be experimented to see if it has an influance. can somebody point me in the right direction?

Hi @jvan_ostaeyen!

Very nice project idea right here! Do you expect the trubidity to affect the flow? If so it might not be possible to simulate such a behavior with the multiphase solver that is implemented - if the particles can act as a passive scalar I would have to see if that’s achievable using the multiphase solver. However we could simulate the filling process itself using the multiphase module. @1318980 & @Get_Barried, feel free to add your thoughts here.