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CFD Simulation on golf ball models with varied dimple depths - I can't seem to be getting the results that I was looking for

Hi, I am trying to get aerodynamic coefficients on golf ball models that I have created. I will be using the drag and lift coefficients to get drag and lift forces for a school extended essay.

For each golf ball model, I have set up the simulation following the tutorial for a compressible CFD simulation of a golf ball:

I have modified the enclosure according to the dimensions of my golf ball models and added a result control for force and moment coefficients to get the drag and lift coefficients I need.

For each golf ball model, the dimensions are:
Diameter of the golf ball: 42.67mm
Diameter of the golf ball dimples: 3.0mm
Depth of the golf ball dimples: 2.0 - 3.0 mm

I have varied the dimple depth of each model by 1.0mm.

From what I have researched, there is supposed to be a noticeable difference in the lift and drag coefficients for each model, but the values I got were generally around the same and they seem to be too small. In addition to that, for the convergence plots, Ux, Uy and Uz have high fluctuations.

I am really new to CAE so I am not too sure what to do to rectify this issue. Help and advice in any way would be greatly appreciated.

This is the link to my simulation:

Hey @ibstudentirwin welcome to the forum

I dont have much experience with compressible flows but a guess could be that your Y+ values are incorrect. You can check this by adding a turbulence under field calculation in result control. For full resolution you want every surface to have a Y+ under 1


Run another simulation with this result control and post the results when shown in the solutions field