'CFD Propeller' simulation project by jdesilets


I created a new simulation project called 'CFD Propeller':

Propeller CFD

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@jdesilets - interesting design. What is the propeller for? I’d be interested in helping getting the simulation running


@dheiny I responded in an email, so my apologies in advance if this is duplicated. This is a test model for simulating air flow through a duct for a ventilation system The user would like to optimize air flow by adjusting the pitch of the propeller. Is it possible to do this in simscale?


Hi @jdesilets,

for sure! For this, the CAD model needs to be prepared a bit differently - you basically need the model of the fluid domain, not the solid domain. But before doing that: What does the surrounding of the fan look like? Shall this be ignored? I’m asking because the flow through the fan will look differently if there is a duct in front and behind it as opposed to a fan “standing free”.




Here also some examples that go into this direction: