'CFD for CO Extraction in an Underground Parking Garage' simulation project by vaibhav_s


I created a new simulation project called 'CFD for CO Extraction in an Underground Parking Garage':

CFD for CO Extraction in an Underground Parking Garage using Jet Fans

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CO Extraction in an Underground Parking Garage


Residential accommodation, factories, office complex, shopping malls - every building has its specific requirements for ventilation. One of the special challenges here are underground car parks, where, due
to the exhaust gases, the air is severely contaminated with carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide and LPG (liquefied
petroleum gas). Depending on the concentration and the length of time spent in the car park, this is a great danger for the users.

Therefore, the polluted air needs to be extracted safely and quickly. However, the duct systems which are often criticized for taking a lot of space and often cross other services such as electrical or water lines. This reflects in the investment and installation costs. Jet Fan Systems are an excellent alternative to duct systems. Jet fans are installed at particular areas and they occupy less than 0.5% of the ceiling area. This leaves space for other technical installations and the visibility across the parking decks is improved. Also, there is possibility to reduce the building heights. This saves a lot of time and costs.

Project Overview

The aim of this project is to showcase with CFD how jet fans can help in mitigating CO concentrations in an underground car park. Two scenarios are simulated and compared:

  1. Without Jet Fans (Only Supply and Exhaust Fans Opening)
  2. With Jet Fans

CFD simulations are performed to inspect CO concentrations distribution for the two scenarios. From simulation results it can be seen that addition of jet fans immensely helps in reduction of CO concentrations.



Simulation Results

Velocity at 1.5m Height (No Jet Fans Scenario)

Velocity at Jet Fan Height (Jet Fans Scenario)

Velocity at Jet Fan Height (Jet Fans Scenario)

CO Concentrations (Without Jet Fans)

CO Concentrations (With Jet Fans)

Simulation results show that CO concentration levels have reduced from 768.14 units to around 250 units in most of the car park, with concentration of around 300 units in some of the corners of the garage.