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CFD- Centrifugal pump

Simulation of Centrifugal pump , after running simulation, shows the error message as mentioned below

A multi-region mesh was assigned - this analysis-type requires a single-region mesh.

Kindly suggest to me by following the link.

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Hi @sravindra

You have to created a different cell zone for applying the rotational zone feature. Also, if you create a mesh clip you can see that there is no blades cavity in your mesh, which is wrong as fluid doesn’t flows there. You should use the parametric meshing technique that will allow you to make the MRF zone.



Thanks for your immediate reply, i am trying out the same and but not able to resolve, webinars have not explained clear, how can we resolve this.

Kindly suggest

Thanks you

Hi @sravindra: For internal CFD simulation you should not have ‘floating’ geometry inside your main volume geometry. Your geometry ‘1’ IS floating in your ‘volume’ geometry. Hence you have separate meshes.

Moreover, BEFORE running the mesh once geometry fixed, you have to define your rotation cylinder (which is a part of your geometry), as Surface Refinement > without cell zone, call it RotZone and assign your cylinder to.