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CFD Analysis

Actually i am running a CFD ANALYSIS simulation and i wanted to know how can i calculate the k and omega values for the K Omega SST model and also if can i use this model for a reynolds number of 5.4 * 10^5 . Can you please help ?
Also i wanted to know can i use the RNG K - Epsioln model for my computation ? if yes then how please ?

Hi @MBA,

Do you mean by input values or output values? If its input, you’ll need to check some literature with regards to what you’re planning to do. For example, if you’re trying to apply k-omega SST to a urban flow simulation inlet input then you’ll need to use a specific formula for velocity, TKE (k) and omega. If its output, there are result controls in the simulation where I believe you can extract out plots of TKE and omega. You can also do so in a post-processing software such as ParaView where you can perform more detailed data extraction from the results.

As for this, if the turbulence model is not available on SimScale then it is not available. I believe k-esp is available and you simply just have to select it on the analysis type at the start of your simulation after meshing.

Hope this helps!



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