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Certification for courses

Hi SimScale users,

I feel that there is a need to have a status of all the courses that one undertakes in SimScale. Although the academy page can give a list of my courses with the completion percentage, it can be easily made 100% without even completing the exercises. Hence I feel that a separate user interface page to show the status with the award of certification to be added to avoid question being directed to the forum members as most of the users would do the workshops at various periods of time.

Aravind Baskar

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Hi @aravindbaskar and thanks a lot for your feedback!

I will forward your message and discuss this with my colleagues in more detail. We are working keen on the user experience and comments like yours are very much appreciated and indispensable! Feel free to add additional comments if you have other ideas.

All the best!


Hi @jousefm

As far other features which I would like in the platform, they have been listed below

  1. For meshing, the actual progress could be shown in the job status rather than just computing, it would make it easier for end users.

  2. For simulation, there could be an approximate total time shown to the user, which would be helpful for planning other runs or simulations.

  3. For post processing, the state needs to saved at least when in the session, whenever there is a lot of filters being applied and by mistake we go to the next run and do 1 filter , all the progress of the earlier run with all filters would be lost. Yeah ideally we must use the save state but if it is possible, the state can be saved for the session alone.

If anything more pops up, I will sure post it here

Aravind Baskar

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Hi @aravindbaskar,

Just a quick comment if it is a rather big feature you can list in the Vote for Features section. If the number of votes are satisfied the feature does get put in rather quickly.



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