'Centrifugal Pump Shaft' simulation project by vorsid


I created a new simulation project called 'Centrifugal Pump Shaft':

2 cases of a centrifugal pump shaft are studied.

In the first case fatique of the shaft is studied. The maximum bending stress in the shaft will be determined, caused by impeller imbalance, impeller weight and radial load of the engine. The bending stress must stay below the materials allowable bending stress for fatique of 74 N/mm2. Also the maximum bending of the shaft is important here, which is only allowed to be 50 micrometer by ISO 9908.

For the second case the mechanical strenght of the shaft while undergoing the engines pull-out torque (maximum torque of the engine). This is required to asses the shafts minimal diamater (on which the impeller is attached), so that no plastic deformation will occur. To prevent plastic deformation the maximum stress in this part of the shaft must stay below the materials yield stress of 220 N/mm2.

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A moderate mesh will be used as a starting point. Hand calculations are at hand for checking mesh convergence. An extra check on mesh convergence will be done by using a fine mesh. Since bending and displacement are the subject of the first study both meshes are second order meshes.


Looking forward to see the results @vorsid!

Good luck and happy SimScaling!