'Catalytic Converter Exhaust-Porous Media' simulation project by Ali_Arafat


I created a new simulation project called 'Catalytic Converter Exhaust-Porous Media':

Automotive Catalytic Converter exhaust flow analysis using Porous Media.

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Catalytic Converter exhaust flow analysis using Porous Media

The analysis compares the flow through an exhaust pipe with and without a catalytic converter.

The catalytic converter is modeled using Porous Media model 'Darcy-Forchheimer' with the following properties:

Porosity: 0.5

mean Diameter: 2e-3 m

Permeability: Isotropic

The local direction (e1) of the Porous Zone is aligned at an angle of 30 degrees CW to the Y-axis as shown in the figure above.

The coefficients ‘d’ and ’ f ’ are calculated from the formulations:

where ‘phi’ is Porosity and ‘D’ is mean diameter.


Pressure Contours (showing relative pressure drops)

Velocity Contours

Flow Streamlines