'Car Rim Structural Analysis' simulation project by stadlerj


I created a new simulation project called 'Car Rim Structural Analysis':

This project demonstrates a static simulation of a car rim under a distributed load.

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The CAD model is courtesy of GrabCAD member Ognian Kerelski. The CAD model was uploaded in STEP format. The mesh has been generated using an automated tet meshing operation and the result is shown below.

In order to calculate the response of the car rim to the weight of a car, a static analysis is performed The inner section of the rim is fixed and the lower part of the outer surface is exposed to a distributed load. This load is described by a cosine function to model the real problem as exact as possible.

The results allow a detailed assessment of the structural performance of the rim and enable the designer to improve the design early in the design process. The figure above shows the von Mises stress response of the static stress analysis. The figure below shows the displacement of the model under the defined load.


Hi Stadlerj, nice work with the car rim structural analysis. Why is the outer surface distributed load modeled as a cosine function?

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Hi @npigott and thanks for your question!

A detailed answer has already been given by our PowerUser @fastwayjim in this post:

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Hi Jousefm, thanks for the notification!


Hi @stadlerj I understand why you have used the cosine function to distribute the load but why have you only applied the force to the bottom section and not around the whole wheel?

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Isn't the load act inside the bore hole or PCD holes?