'Cantilever Beam' simulation project by rallawirdi


I created a new simulation project called 'Cantilever Beam':

Cantilever Beam

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Hi @rallawirdi, I had a quick look at your model and I have a short comment which generally applies to thin structures. Whenever you are dealing with bending, especially with thin structures, you should, if possible, avoid using first order tetrahedral elements. Its ok for a quick test (as I guess this is), but for validating real structures you should use second order meshes whenever possible.

I did a short comparison with the initial mesh compared to the same mesh with 2nd order elements. The results differ significantly:

Displacement comparison - Left: 1st order, Right: 2nd order

Equivalent Stress (von Mises) comparison - Left: 1st order, Right: 2nd order

As you can see, due to shear locking the 1st order mesh greatly underestimates the deformations and stresses.
You can find the project here.