Can't identify faces

I’m trying to run a CFD simulation for an stl file of a pipe, but when it comes to identifying the boundary conditions, I can’t select the openings. It says in the domain that my object only has one face. Do the edges of the openings not count?


Hi @ehusted!

Can you post the link of your project please? I assume that you have to split your geometry beforehand in order to make the selection work and besides that the inlet and outlet need to be closed (namely “watertight”). I assume you want to investigate Bernoulli’s principle?



Hi @ehusted: STL file is a mesh with one face only and you cannot use it for internal CFD. Please upload your geometry in STEP or PARASOLID format, which would allow you to specify boundary conditions for different faces.

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Thanks for the suggestion! I tried closing the inlet and outlet, but that still left me with the single face problem. How would I go about splitting the geometry in the CAD software?


@Retsam @jousefm Closing the caps of the pipe and using the STEP format fixed my issue. Thanks guys!