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Can't assign my own geometry model to an uploaded mesh on SimScale

Hi everyone,

I have this issue. When I upload an OpenFoam mesh on SimScale, SimScale does not let me decide which geometry I can assign to the uploaded mesh. SimScale says that a geometry is imported and I cannot do anything from there.


The mesh is an OpenFoam mesh in ASCII format. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Here’s a test project of mine which you can see my issue with the uploaded mesh.

Hi @pmparitakis,
this is correct. As the mesh is uploaded we generally can not create the connectivity to the CAD - so we don’t allow assignment of any base geometry to uploaded meshes. As you already have the mesh, what would be the purpose of connecting the CAD to it? Currently the simulation setup can only be done on the mesh and we can not allow altering uploaded meshes by adding refinements or similar for the aforementioned reason.

Is there a specific reason why you created your mesh locally instead of running it on SimScale?



Hi @rszoeke & thanks for the reply!

I had created the mesh locally so I could do an analysis of a case with specific parameters using OpenFoam. Then, I wanted to upload the mesh + geometry on SimScale, so I could do multiple analyses with the same mesh but with different parameters. The cluster network of my university is pretty clogged up these days, so SimScale is pretty useful right now.

I guess, creating the mesh on SimScale after I upload the geometry is the right way to do it.

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