Cannot generate an enclosure due to cleanup issues

Hi Im new to simscale and I have been working on a project for my class. I need to simulate the air flow over a design that I have modeled. When I go to generate an enclosure for my design it keeps telling me there is an error and to cleanup. If anyone can help that would be greatly appreciated. I will link my design below

Hi, this is Fillia, thanks for using the forum!

Your second design consists of shell bodies, which makes the Enclosure creation to fail. In general, there are two main rules which are crucial for any flow simulation:

  1. Your CAD needs to be watertight: There must not be any holes except inlets and outlets.
  2. Your CAD must only contain solid parts. Shells or Sheets must not appear.

To learn more about cad preparation and troubleshooting have a look here:

Note that a body is a shell if it appears like this:

Try to merge and solidify all parts in a single solid body in your CAD software, and then re-import them :slight_smile:

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