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Cannot find triSurfaceMesh

I have a problem with creating a smaller version of an existing mesh. I duplicated an existing OFMESH, changed parameters and stared meshing. I got following error:

[1] Cannot find triSurfaceMesh starting from “processor1/constant/triSurface/shell_88.stl”
[1] From function triSurfaceMesh::checkFile(const fileName&, const fileName&)
[1] in file searchableSurface/triSurfaceMesh.C at line 116.[1] FOAM parallel run exitin

First mesh was created without any problems. Do you know why there is a problem now?

@akosior, can you share the link for the project? One thing you can quickly try is to download and re-upload the STL file to the project and then try meshing.

If that doesn’t work we will need to take a closer look.


@akosior - is it a public project? Could you provide the link to it?

Hi @dheiny,

all of our projects are public. Here is the link:


Hi @akosior,

ah - didn’t see that one, sorry. Looking into it as I write, will get back to you asap.



Hi @dheiny,

I got the same error message concerning the triSurfaceMesh at one of my projects. What was the reason for this error in this case and how to solve it?


@s3_cfd1 - by any chance a public project? Could you provide a link to it?

Thanks a lot for fast answering @dheiny.

That is the project link. Most of my meshing tries were unsuccessful. Maybe you find some problems in the geometry. I am happy about any help

Have you had a look into the project, @dheiny? I have no idea what is wrong there

Hi @s3_cfd1, let me check in Detail with the Team and get back to you.