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Can the last modified time of the solver log be used to tell if a simulation run failed?

I’m working on a project called “Flow over cylinder”, which can be found here:

I started a simulation run titled “one tenth meters per second 20 seconds”, and it seems to have stopped computing, but no error message appears in the Simulation Run Event Log. I checked the solver log, and it was last modified on July 31st.

Is it safe to assume that the simulation run failed if the solver log hasn’t been updated in over a day?

Hi @tryabin,

Does seem a bit odd - and very likely that an error has occurred. My colleague @afischer is having looking into it and will get back to you tomorrow.


Hello @tryabin,

yes unfortunately your run failed at 41.9% of the simulation time. We are right now investigating why you did not get an update on the status of the job and a final solver log as well. We can see the behavior in view mode in your project. It would be great if you do not delete that run for the time being.

Thank you for reporting.

Best Alex

One addition: @tryabin did you try to stop the job at some point? Would be very interesting, even if it was way before it did not update anymore.

No, I did not try to stop the run.

Ok, I pushed a ticket, our developers will investigate the issue.