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Can I choose which screenshot is used as project image?

I think the topic says it all :wink:


Hi Dale,

the most recent screenshot you take inside the post-processing tab will be used as the project thumbnail.



Darn, that is not always the nicest image to show :disappointed_relieved:


I don’t know but to me it looks like it is the FIRST screenshot ever taken that is shown.

This means that there is NO way to ever change it unless you delete all the painstakingly created screenshots you want to keep just so you can make a new first one for the project image.

At least that is what I think I am experiencing :disappointed_relieved:


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Hi Dale,

what if you save all screenshots to your PC then it could be all deleted by the SimScale WB. Only one should be left the one you want as preview.

I know it is not the nicest solution but is a workaround at least. :slight_smile:


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Ugh, yes another workaround, but then these locally saved screenshots are no longer in the project :disappointed_relieved:

I bet this is why a LOT of the public projects I see only have one screenshot :wink: , they wanted to only leave the best of many they made for the project, but I want to see the others :upside_down_face:

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