CAD model upload

i want to upload my cad model into simscale…
i have done this for so many times…i couldnt see this sought of error then.

while i was uploading the model…it is not showing…it seems invisible or nothing.
i could see it geometry tree (right) [ i mean its name ]


If you select it with the other parts visible, you will be able to see the 3 faces highlighted in the viewer.

They will definitely cause issues, so it’s best to clean them up in your CAD tool before importing.


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yes…i checked that…may be there will be something more in cad model…

but…i have made the rotor blades as ‘visible’,but that hasnt shown up.
okey…will try again…

and the 3 faces shown here ,…i couldnt see is in my cad model

They are not on the surface, they are close to the center of the pipe.

Does your CAD tool show the volumes that you have in your CAD model? I’m guessing there will be 3 there.

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if i hide all other things out…this will b the picture…

may be i need a whole clean up (model again)

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