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CAD issues for CFD analysis


Hey Sachin (@sachin_srivast),

The refinements specified makes the mesh huge. It can be seen from the log that the process stopped at the point where the mesh exceeded 82 million cells :astonished: A hint would be to start with lower values and then proceed higher refinement levels depending on the requirement. May be a maximum level of 3 can be used, to start with!!



Hi Sam @sjesu_rajendra
Thanks for your constant support . I tried creating mesh with STL file with same refinement level i used with STEP one and guess what mesh got created but now i am facing different problem . I ran the simulation which had gone well for few hours after that it stopped saying the max run time is not sufficient adjust in the simulation control and create new simulation run. So i increased the max run time from 8000s to 18000s but after hitting start simulation button
I got the following message:
‘The maximum run time of this job would exceed your computation quota.You can try to adjust the settings under ‘Simulation Control’ and to create a new run.’
What is this?


The problem i mentioned above is solved thank You so much. Now the simulation is not running for full execution run time and event log also not displaying the reason for the error. please have a look at it . I am new to this online software, its pretty embarrassing asking question at each step i know.
see if you can help


Sachin @sachin_srivast,

Can you please explain the objective of this simulation? I see that there are no flow conditions (inlet/outlet) defined in the case. Please refer the similar project on Dolphin Hydrodynamics for defining such a simulation.