CAD file upload, zip

anyone knows why?

I cannot upload zip file.

No valid geometry could be extracted from the archive. Please make sure that you have your part or assembly file on the first level of the archive and remove all additional files that do not contain geometry information from the archive.

Error Code: 14e1ec87

Heat pipe with cooling cahnnel | SimScale Workbench

Hello aburkitbayev,

Please have a look at this page about the supported upload / CAD formats.

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I read, but still cannot do. I did compressed zip file. But could not uploaded

Hi aburkitbayev,
Seems you are using Solid works which should be ok, using the right file format, but if you are importing a zip so I think you know you have to select an acceptable file format to upload it, but maybe its the subassembly that is the underlying issue. But my information is coming from @SBlock link, so the next alternative is to search Simscale documentation. I don’t use Solid works so I can’t provide an exact answer. All the best.