Bubble Column Simulations


Hello everyone,

I am willing to simulate a bubble column. Does SimScale provide the following options (as provided in OpenFOAM - twoPhaseEulerFoam solver) -

  1. Different models for interfacial forces like lift, drag, virtual mass, turbulence dispersion, wall force.
  2. About the turbulence models - I haven’t seen RSM (LRR, SSG) models in RANS so far in SimScale. Also, it there a possibility to add a source term in the k-equation of the k-omegt SST model for bubble induced turbulence?

PS: I was out of touch for some time with SimScale, so please let me know if I missed some developments which will by default fulfill the above mentioned.


Hi @jigarparekh279,

Glad to have you back and thanks for your question. Our fluid mechanics engineers can provide more information to you (@gholami, @sjoshi, @Ali_Arafat).



Hi @jigarparekh279

The “OpenFOAM - twoPhaseEulerFoam” is currently not available in the SimScale workbench, but you may use this solver and the compute power via a CaseUpload on SimScale. see details Here

In CaseUpload you can use all standard OpenFOAM functionality.



Hi Mr. Ali,

Thanks for the reply. I’ll definitely try it out and notify you at the earliest.