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Bubble Column Simulations

Hello everyone,

I am willing to simulate a bubble column. Does SimScale provide the following options (as provided in OpenFOAM - twoPhaseEulerFoam solver) -

  1. Different models for interfacial forces like lift, drag, virtual mass, turbulence dispersion, wall force.
  2. About the turbulence models - I haven’t seen RSM (LRR, SSG) models in RANS so far in SimScale. Also, it there a possibility to add a source term in the k-equation of the k-omegt SST model for bubble induced turbulence?

PS: I was out of touch for some time with SimScale, so please let me know if I missed some developments which will by default fulfill the above mentioned.

Hi @jigarparekh279,

Glad to have you back and thanks for your question. Our fluid mechanics engineers can provide more information to you (@gholami, @sjoshi, @Ali_Arafat).


Hi @jigarparekh279

The “OpenFOAM - twoPhaseEulerFoam” is currently not available in the SimScale workbench, but you may use this solver and the compute power via a CaseUpload on SimScale. see details Here

In CaseUpload you can use all standard OpenFOAM functionality.


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Hi Mr. Ali,

Thanks for the reply. I’ll definitely try it out and notify you at the earliest.