'branching' simulation project by kevin_lawliet


I created a new simulation project called 'branching':


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Hi @kevin_lawliet!

Very interesting model there! Can you tell us a bit about the application and what you are trying to do? Because I saw you had some attempts meshing the geometry which did not work unfortunately. One option to fix this is to create a watertight geometry. Would be great if you give us more information. Either the PowerUsers or me will help you out :slight_smile:




Hello mate, just new to here, this model is used to analyze the wind environment and tunnel effet of the site. it would be really great if you can give me a hand:grinning:


Hi @kevin_lawliet!

My fellows @Get_Barried & @vgon_alves can give you some good tips for your simulation :slight_smile:




Hi guys!

First of all, thanks for tagging me @jousefm!
You have a really nice model @kevin_lawliet! Certainly it will be a very interesting case :wink:

Well, I saw that you are having some problems with your mesh.

As the event log said, you have some free edges/gaps. I had a look at these problems and here you are:

You’re getting these 3 very small bodies in that location, you can use the Zoom tool to localize and delete them :slight_smile:

After that, you have some missing faces like is showed below

I suggest you to try to solve these problems and try to mesh again. But please, if you have some problem to solve them, contact us.