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Boundary issue on a radiation project


I am trying to modelize the heat fluxes through a volume with one of his surface heated by concentrated solar light. The high temperature makes it necessary to take into account all three heat transfer media which pushed me to simulate in “conjugate heat transfer”.

To ensure the feasability of my project i started with a simple volume, a cube. I put it in a flow region to simulate the convection and radiation around it then added my boundaries, the first one being natural convection inside my flow region and the second one being my heat flux on one of the cube’s surface. Of course I now have the error “multiple boundary conditions…”. Is there anyway for me to have both natural convection and a heat source on one of the cube’s faces?

Link : Test four | SimScale Workbench

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Hi Xavier, this is Fillia from SimScale support.

If a surface is also a contact face, then it is not possible to assign a boundary condition to it. In your case, face33@solid4 is indeed a contact face. You could consider having a small gap between the flow region an this face, because you are using CHT V2, which does not require a solid body contact.

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Thanks a lot for your help Fillia, I haven’t had time to try it yet but it seems like a good compromise.

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