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Boundary conditions error in conjugate heat transfer

Hello, I am trying to do the conjugate heat transfer on our brake rotor to find out how much heat is dissipated from our brake rotor by convection and conduction. When trying to start the simulation, I am getting an error that I have applied two boundary conditions on some particular faces. I checked twice and found nothing suspicious. Tagging @tsite so she can guide me. I am linking my project below for reference. Feel free to check it out.

Project link:

Also, feel free to guide me if I have done something wrong in setting up the simulation which would probably give me incorrect results.

Cheers :v:

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Hi Mihir,

I copied your simulation and tried to start a run. The error you describe is not showing to me, instead I get this warning:

This is caused by your ‘Wall 4’ boundary condition, which has no assignments.

Maybe you already fixed the error?

Sorry @ggiraldof for that, I actually deleted that wall due to which the error was happening. I had given a rotating wall condition to my disc due to which the error was happening. I have again assigned the wall as it was before. Hope you can check it further ahead



This is quite simple: for CHT simulations, whenever you have an interface between two volumes, both faces are fully constrained. This means that it’s not possible to define any boundary conditions to interfaces, otherwise the faces will be overconstrained.

Currently that is exactly what is happening here:

All of these faces which you selected for the last BC are interfaces. Essentially, only the boundary faces from the domain (the 6 outer enclosure faces) should receive BCs.