Boundary Condition For Heat Conduction - Unidirectional Heat Flux



I need to implement a boundary condition similar to directionMixed for unidirectional heat flux - anisotropic conduction - in a baffle inside a solid. In one predefined direction and if the temperature gradient between the baffle faces is positive, the baffle should work as an insulator (factor * dT/dx=0; 0 < factor < 1). If the temperature gradient is negative (heat flux in the reversed direction), it should work as the original material, as shown below. Please send me a quotation for this task.

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----->x B|zeroGrad x—
----->x A|zeroGrad x—
HOT–>x F|zeroGrad x— COLD
----->x F|zeroGrad x—
----->x L|zeroGrad x—
----->x E|zeroGrad x—

<------ B|empty <—
<------ A|empty <—
COLD<-- F|empty <— HOT
<------ F|empty <—
<------ L|empty <—
<------ E|empty <—


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let me tag our @power_users here, maybe they can guide you into the right direction.

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Sorry to say, but I don’t know of anyway to do this within Simscale.



@masb and @jousefm, sorry I’ve got nothing as well.


Getting back to you @masb with just an idea that I came up with.

@rszoeke, would it be possible to define directional dependencies by functions inside the simulation or does Code_Aster has other possibilities to achieve that?




are we even talking about solid mechanics or rather cfd? The terms used rather seem to direct towards cfd.



as far as I know, we can solve the heat conduction using laplacianFoam. We can then use inletOutlet BC to emulate the unidirectional heat flow in a baffle. I guess, Simscale, however, does not provide this possibility.




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Thanks for pointing out that you were referring to CFD. If you want you can put your feature requests into this section: Vote For Features Category.

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