'Bottle Opener' simulation project by rszoeke


I created a new simulation project called 'Bottle Opener':

A bottle opener is simulated before sent to the 3D printer to ensure its performance.

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The CAD model for this project was provided by Tony. This bottle-opener shall be printed on a 3D printer, so the objective is to ensure its performance with the given material before investing time and money to print it. Therefore we set up a simple analysis on SimScale to identify the critical regions of this design. The mesh is generated using the very automated tetrahedralization mesh operation. The resulting mesh is shown in the image below.

The analysis is set up using the static stress simulation type on SimScale. The two faces in the front of the bottle opener are fixed and a pressure boundary condition on the handle models the act of opening the bottle. In a more sophisticated setup one could also model the assigned pressure being time dependent to match the actual load case even better. But for a quick, rough analysis, this a static setup is sufficient.

The picture above shows the results of the simulation visualized in the integrated post-processing environment.