'BOQuad' simulation project by apils


I created a new simulation project called 'BOQuad':


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Hello @apils!

I saw that you had several simulation attempts without any results. Could you tell us a little bit more of what you want to achieve? I am sure we can find a solution to your problem and make this work :+1:

All the best,



I replied by mail but it looks like it didn’t work.

I tried to recreate the same analysis as in the drone workshop with my own geometry but all the simulation-runs failed.

Regards, Alex


Hi Alex,

I will have a look at that and come back to you as soon as possible!




hi @jousefm!

any idea why the simulation didn’t work?



Hello @apils!

I saw that you had a successful simulation a week ago? Why did you delete it? Weren’t you satisfied with the results?

I am assuming that there have been problems with the contact definition of the master-slave assignment. If you set those up In a proper manner, there shouldn’t be any problems at all (except some other numerical miracles that might occur).

If you have any questions, please let me know :slight_smile:




i modified the simulation to linear static with all bonded contacts to verify that my cad model or the mesh is somewhat useable. but i wasn’t able to get results with physical contacts.

i think you have a copy of the original simulation in your projects.
could take a look at the contacts-setup there? thanks!