Bonded or Physical contact?

Hi, I am trying to do an FEA on my landing gear but have a few questions to ask.

My landing gear has two different materials (A & B); so which type of contact will define the physical model properly? (Bonded or Physical contact)

I have mentioned the faces for contact below…

Are you actually interested in the contact forces?



Yes but I am more interested in the volume stresses. I am planning to figure out the reduction in stress in the main landing gear body due to this rod.
Actually I am a newbie to this so any in-depth is appreciated.

Hi @aghirnikar,

If this is a welded joint I would definitely use bonded contact. You could also simulate the welded area by reducing the contact area if you are interested in local stresses.

If it’s a fastened joint and you are not interested in local stresses, deformation, or relative motion then use Bonded, otherwise you might want to consider Physical contacts.

I hope this helps,

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hi you are talking about bonded or physical contact.

Thanks a lot @cjquijano :grinning:

It will for sure be a welded joint; I’ll try reducing the contact area for sure.

Also if my Material A and B have very different material properties (like Aluminium and Steel) then is it preferred that I do a Static Non-Linear Analysis?
Will a linear static analysis do the job?

P.S: I do not want to analyse the stresses and material characteristics in the plastic or hyperelastic region.

Hi @aghirnikar,

A linear analysis should be just fine.

Good luck!