'BoltPS-Section' simulation project by rrajakrishnan


I created a new simulation project called 'BoltPS-Section':

A simple nonlinear analysis is done here to simulate the effect of a Prestressed bolt on a metal bracket. Geometry includes a Hexagon headed bolt of length 40mm and diameter 7mm and a nut, a U-shaped metal bracket with pin holes through its flanges. Contact applied: The bolt and nut are considered to be a single part to eliminate the need for a bonding contact. A frictionless physical contact(Penalty) is applied between the Bracket and each of the bolt and the nut. A pretension is applied to the contact between the nut and the bracket flange. Boundary conditions The base is fixed. Taking advantage of the model's symmetry, only half of the whole geometry is considered and symmetry about Y-axis is considered.

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A case study on the assignment of master and slave entities in the contact pairs is done. Assigning smaller faces as the slave return better results. The edges of the flanges show maximum displacement. Stress concentration is a maximum at the intersection of web and flanges. Stress concentration is also seen at the contact areas.