'Bolt connection' simulation project by potyka_csaba


I created a new simulation project called 'Bolt connection':

I will try how SimScale works with ninlinear contact.

More of my public projects can be found here.

2nd order elements and frictional contact

Hey @potyka_csaba,

I am checking right now on some support tickets you sent regarding this project covering frictional pre-stressed bolts. I guess it makes sense to move the discussion here, then it also helps other users, that are interested in those applications. Is there a specific topic I can assist in your current setup?

Best Alex


Dear @potyka_csaba, are you still working on the project. If so I am happy to help?


Hello @afischer,

I am trying to make a model with 2nd order elements. Every help on this is welcome :slight_smile:



Hey @potyka_csaba,

the 2nd-order runs in your project seemed to work, right? Did you manage to make them work meanwhile or are you heading for a different setup?

Best Alex