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To whom this may concern,
I am trying to run a boat simulation on water to check for high pressure and areas of resistance. I am new to simscale andhave been following the tutorials, however there is no tutorial for the set up of a boat in water. I am a little confused how to go about this but would really love to know how to do it. It would be great if somone recorded a video on how to do a step by step process or go into my file and set it up so i can look back into the history and follow along. Would really appreciate if this was possible.
Thank you

Project username: nhinckfuss
Project name: boat trial 2
Project link:

Hi, this is Fillia, thank you for using the forum!

The multiphase fluid flow analysis is used to simulate the behavior of two fluid phases and their interactions. The analysis is carried out using the Volume of Fluid (VoF) method, which is a standard approach for the computation of multiphase systems.

Have a look at this guide for multiphase projects: Multiphase Fluid Flow Analysis | Analysis Types | SimScale

And if you wish to learn more in-depth details regarding the solver, make sure to read this blog:Multiphase Flow in CFD: Basics and Modeling | SimScale Blog

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