'Bimetallic strip under thermal load' simulation project by ahmedhussain18


I created a new simulation project called 'Bimetallic strip under thermal load':

In this project thermomechanical analysis of a bimetallic strip is demonstrated.

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For detailed study please go to Bimetallic strip under thermal load documentation.

In this project the functionality of uncoupled thermomechanical solver with different materials on SimScale platform are validated. The geometry used was a bimetallic strip as shown in figure below.

The case of only quadratic hexahedral mesh was considered which gives fairly better results compared to other mesh types. The mesh was created locally and then uploaded to the SimScale platform. The mesh is shown in the figure below.

Steady-state uncoupled thermomechanical analysis was performed. The strips were bonded together using linear bonded contact. the materials of both strips were considered similar at reference temperature of 300 K except that the lower strip (highlighted red in above figures) had double the expansion coefficient compared to the upper strip. Using appropriate constraints, the strips were then fixed from one end and were only allowed to bend in z-direction on the other end. Next an ambient temperature of 400 K was applied to the bimetallic strip. The simulation was run for a single step on 2 cores. The figures below show the displacement contour plot in z and x direction respectively.

Furthermore, the figures below show the stress σxx on top and bottom of the bimetallic strip respectively.

Finally, table below shows the comparison of results obtained from SimScale with analytical results. It can be seen that the results are in good agreement with analytical and therefore shows the robustness of the SimScale uncoupled thermomechanical solver.