'BikeFrame_Handout' simulation project by amichelotti


I created a new simulation project called 'BikeFrame_Handout':

FEA Master Class: Session 1 Handout

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The differences between the new smulation with the refinements and the previous are:

Von Mises max stress is 1.166 times greater, it is 9427620 againts 8082370, minimum one is 2.35 times (4.9475 vs 2.10491).

The maximum displacement in x direction is 2.929 times bigger (1.48932e-5 vs 0.5084e-5) and the minimum is around 2.92 (-3.93402e-5 vs 1.34714e-5).


The second order mesh has faces with a very low minimum angle so the simulation might give inaccurate results or fail.