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Homework for the Sport workshop : Session 2 CFD analysis of a bike tyre

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Evaluating the forces, there is a clear reduction in drag in the 20 degrees situation (it goes from 0.8575 to 0.3413) but there is also a sharp increase in the side force, that goes from 6.626N for the 10 degrees to 11.96N for the 20 degrees, almost the double. The pressure term is predominant if we consider the side force, while the two terms are comparable is we consider the drag force. The slices can help to understand the behavior of the forces: in both the cases there is a huge energy loss, visible as green and blu regions in the total pressure plot just behind and to the side of the wheel. In the 20 degrees case, though, these regions of low energy are mostly on the side of the well and this allows us to understand why the drag is reduced while the side force increases: simply because the regions of turbulence are not behind the wheel anymore but mostly on the side. In the 10 degrees simulation on the other hand there is a huge portion of the turbulent wake that is just behind the wheel, causing a lot of drag.