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Big problem need help so much

Hi guys I really need your help, in a few days I’ll have to give my essay for my master’s degree and after all the work I’ve done, my professor woke up and asked me a particular simulation for tomorrow.
Well I have a model but I don’t know how to make the simulation

The model is a box (a cube in the model) within a filament (made like a small long cilinder in the middle) and there are two fans on the box to cool the filament (made in the model as two cilinder on the opposite sides of the cube).

you can see the model here

My problem is that I have to simulate the fact that the filament is at 80°C and there’s air which is coming from the fans to cool the filament.
can you help me by explaining me this please? thank you so much in advise

@CFD-SQUAD, can you jump in here and have a look at the setup from @dcarofiglio?

Thanks a lot!


Hi can anyone help me with the CFD of a solar panel structure?
Here is the project link and I am getting very bad results. Apparently my 3D model is not clean enough. Can anyone help me out or clean the geometry for me?