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Bending an Aluminium pipe tutorial - no defined load

So frustrated…

Error is “No load was defined for the analysis. This might lead to a non-convergent analysis. Please review your boundary conditions.”

I have spent hours running through the tutorial again and again, to see what tiny detail I have missed. especially around the boundary declarations, and numerical control parts. I am aware that there is no load, because the rotating roller is supposed to apply it, and that is why the convergence is changed, and why the various touching faces, and fixed parts are defined.

During the tutorial, I had to hunt around to find out how to change rotation from rads (default) to degrees (advanced menu), but that was the only unmentioned thing.

I compared my project line by line to the Simscale project, and I cannot see the difference.

My project:

Example project:

This is a very simple application, and it doesn’t look good for me to do something more complex if I can’t get something simple like this sorted out!

Can anyone point out my stupid error? Please?


Hi Dave!

I might have to go through your simulation setup, maybe you either missed something here or there’s something weird going on from our side. @FEA-SQUAD, could you help Dave here please?



Hi Jousef,
Thanks, it’s very likely to be my error!

Hi @Dave_Scott,

What you are seeing is actually only a warning. If you press OK the analysis should run and solve at least if did for me. :grinning:




You are right! Seems like I spent hours chasing a problem that wasn’t a problem! Simulation is running right now… I’ll report back after it finishes.


OK, success!!
Thanks Christopher.


I am glad it worked for you! Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Good Luck!

Hi @Dave_Scott, sorry for the trouble.

I’ve just added a note to the tutorial, which hopefully will prevent this from happening to other users as well. The live page should be updated within a couple of days.

Thanks for reporting this!