'BellowsFlow extended inlet outlet' simulation project by psosnowski2


I created a new simulation project called 'BellowsFlow extended inlet outlet':

Flow through a bellows Extended inlet and outlet area Results of Run 4 show that outlet area should be extended even more- at least 2x

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A modification of a bellow flow project of @bhalterman
In order to get the simulation to run the inlet and outlet area were extended.
Also the inlet flow rate was ramped over 500 steps, and then left to converge for 500 more steps.

This was the first time I looked at a profile of a bellows flow. It is amazing how the separation caused by the geometry and induced turbulence squeezes the main flow! It seems not a significant change and yet it has profound effects on the results! Definitely one has to pay attention when using flex hoses with high velocity flows.


@psosnowski2 - do you have some post processing screenshots? Would be super interesting.


Sure! Below are some examples. There are more in the project under post-processing.







Awesome, thanks for sharing.