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Beginners questions about convective heat tranfer simulation, pre- and postprocessing

• Can one face be assigned to more than one topological entity set? 
  If yes, why would that be useful? 
• Can topological entity sets be changed (faces removed or added)?
• In my specific model: Why is the mean radiant temperature so small? 
• Why is PPD different in air and on occupants surfaces? (v=0 on surface?)
• Middle mouse button shows different behaviour in Pre- and Postprocessing
• Post-Processing: Is display of values on faces possible?
• Parts color filter: face selection is reset when turned off, can the selection be maintained? 
       Can I have more than one parts color filter? 
• Can postprocessing be scripted?

Hi there, this is Fillia!

1: Yes, one face can belong in multiple topological entity sets. This depends on the application. For example, you might wish to create a boundary condition for a specific topological entity set, and a Surface data set for another one, that include the same face.

2: This is not possible at the moment, you can delete and recreate a set though.

3&4: Please include the link to your project too so we can check :smiley:

5: Can you add a screenshot please?

6: Yes, you can sue the bulk calculator feature. Check here: New Integrated Post-Processor | Post-processing | SimScale

7: The parts color is global, but you can change the parameter that is displayed. Also, you can keep the parts color and set the parameter to ‘Solid Color’.

8: You can create screenshot using the camera icon at the top of the screen.

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Many thanks for the quick answer.


5: Hard to show that on a screenshot. In Preprocessing, I used the middle mouse button for translating. In post-processing: sometimes it translates, but sometimes it zooms out very fast, such that the model becomes very small. I think it’s when I first do some zooming with the scrolling wheel and then press the middle mouse button while moving over the object…

9: Follow-up question: Can my post-processing parameters be saved or do I have to rearrange everything every time I close and reopen the project?

that would be the screenshot of the model after zooming out involuntarily with the middle mouse button