'Bearing Bracket' simulation project by chrstark


I created a new simulation project called 'Bearing Bracket':

grab cad challenge

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@chrstark - mesh looks good. Are you planning on running a static or a dynamic FEA simulation of the model? Good luck in the GrabCAD challenge!


Hi @chrstark!

Nice model! I have done some static stress analysis cases using your model in order to show you what you can do with our powerful simulation platform. You can find the project link here.

I have performed total of 4 cases: 2 cases with first order mesh and other 2 with second order mesh. Whereas, two cases are different only in the application of the load, in first case the load is static to 1000 N and for the second case it is linearly ramped to 1000 N within 1 second. The sum of reaction force was also plotted on the fixed base to see the effect of load. Of coarse the mesh can be more refined in order to get even better results, but for an initial case it seems good.

Below you can see a small animation of the second order ramped case. Please note that the deformation is scaled to 10 times in order to see properly the deformed shape (done via using “WarpByVector” filter and switching “Vectors” to displacement and than setting “ScaleFactor” to 10).


I need to do a static stress analysis with three different loads and and load angles.
From the eye I need the following load cases.
Load case 1: Horizontal load 1,250 lbf
Load case 2: Inclined load 1,875 lbf 45 with the horizontal
Load case 3: Vertical load 2,500 lbf
In all load cases, the loading shall be applied statically, through a stiff spherical bearing with .3125in in diameter.

How do I do that?


I did upload an updated model since the last one was a pure test.