'bear up load' simulation project by saksu


I created a new simulation project called 'bear up load':

application of load on a V channel wheel

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Hey @saksu,

I recognized that your model consists out of faces. In order to create a volume mesh discretization you would need to have solid bodies instead. I closed the shells and created two solids, then the meshing is quite simple:

You can find my copy here: https://www.simscale.com/projects/afischer/bear_up_load. Which kind of simulation are you looking for?

Best Alex


Hello Alex,

First of all, I am a bit surprised to see how dynamic and interactive this environment is. Simscale looks to be a handy platform to carry out a simulation. Just like most of the users, I am not familiar with projects that are working in browsers! This is a revolution… I liked the way of your approach to the users.

About your comments, thank you very much. This was a testing work, I just uploaded a random assembly model to the system to see the performance, geometry, data loss, discrepancies etc. However, there was no time for me to complete the job.

I will upload a true model in near future to see the outcomes of Simscale. Thereby, I will be able to compare the results with our own FEA package. 

Thanks for your aid,

Salih AKSU