'beam profile' simulation project by voroder


I created a new simulation project called 'beam profile':

beam bending

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Is the result size too big on the dynamic simulation or why can’t I view or download it?


Hi @voroder - sorry for missing this comment. For future reference, you can post these kind of questions in #project-support so the community can jump in and help. Just be sure to follow the guidelines:

Posting in the Project Support Category

In some cases if there is a server interruption while your sim is running this can lead to lost results. Can you try running the simulation again.

To reduce the run time from (> 500 minutes) you could fuse your solids into one body. The many contacts you have are increasing the run time. This would also enable you to reduce the number of cores (to 8 or 16). 20 time steps should be fine.



I was in no rush for the answers, this was mainly a test if I could go for a bigger scale with the dynamic analysis. Have to try with your tips once I have the time for it