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Ayuda con proyecto(español)

Buenas tardes, cada vez que intento hacer una simulación, me arroja el error; “Se asignó una malla de varias regiones; este tipo de análisis requiere una malla de una sola región.” me pueden orientar donde cambiar ese parametro? gracias.

Hey there!

Let’s please try and use English in the forum, so other users can benefit from the support.

Can you please send the URL to your project so we can have a look at the issue?

hello, my english is not good.

I leave the project link:

Your model currently consists of the room walls, floor, etc. But if you want to simulate the air flow and heat transfer, then you need only one part, corresponding to the volume occupied by the air.

You can easily convert your model of the solids into the model of the fluid by performing a Flow Volume Extraction in the CAD Edit Mode:

Hello, thank you very much, I have already corrected the model error, I am trying to follow this video tutorial Simulating Thermal Comfort In a Ventilated Office Space | SimScale Tutorial - YouTube

but I have not managed to get it to work, I leave you the link of my updated project % 3A6

Hi again,

The simulation seems to be working in principle. Here are some pointers:

  • Why do you define two velocity inlets over the same face? Leave only one.
  • Switch to the Standard mesh algorithm
  • Try to reduce the mesh size, I think that 1M cells should be enough for this simple model
  • Increase the maximum runtime so it can complete the 1000 iterations before being terminated.