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Axis and origin indication

I have a stupid question:

How do you turn on the axis representation?

I can’t see the axis, nor the origin on the geometry. In CAD, there is often a little diagram in one corner that shows the current view orientation. I guess I don’t know how to turn it on!
In case the browser has any influence, I am using Safari/Mac.

Without it, applying force is kinda like guesswork, unless I am privy to the original coordinate system by the CAD software. In a recent tutorial that I followed, the geometry was pre-drawn by someone else.

Hey Dave!

Can you try Chrome? :wink: I was having the same issue when using Safari, hope using Chrome resolves this issue.

All the best!


Ah…OK!! I thought I was going crazy.

It shows the cube and axis in Firefox, but it seems to be completely missing in Safari. Makes so much more sense, now.

And if I select Geometry primitives/point, I can get the origin. Yay!

Thanks for your comment.

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