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Automotive CFD - simulation results extremly implausible

Hi guys,
I was setting up a new simulation with a better model and mesh (formula student). I used nearly the same simulation settings. The rusults i get are wrong. The force plots show some Mega Newton…
With the older Simulations I am not happy too. There is the downforce plot more plausible, but I think still really low.

I couldn´t find my mistakes, so it would be nice if someone could have a look at my projects.

Old project (very ugly stl model, and minimized mesh and simulation settings)
interesting simulation–> Gesamt_19_12_2016_V2_20m/s
have a look at the force plots of the first and third run, there are some strange differnces too …

New project (much better model and mesh, but crappy simulation results)

Feel free to have a look.

Sry for my english … , and thanks for ur feedback :wink:


Hi Dave (@BRT),

Thanks for posting your question. Let’s see if @dylan, @pfernandez, or @Milad_Mafi have any suggestions.

I just had a look at your new project; and it has an easy fix: use always meters. Your mesh is in mm; hence the overly large values you are getting, because SimScale consideres the unit distance as meter.

You can rescale your geometry within SimScale or directly upload an STL file in meters.


As a side note to this: To make this less error prone, an explicit unit will be added to the dynamic length scale at the bottom of the viewer.

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