'Assembly Simulation' simulation project by mlarreta


I created a new simulation project called 'Assembly Simulation':

Run an Simulation of a snap fit deformation

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Hi @mlarreta,

I had a quick look at your project. It seems to fail since you are using a relative residual criteria for the convergence but your parts do not touch at the first time step and you have no external forces (up to numerical noise). Thus the global forces are zero and the relative error can not converge. You can see this behavior in the solver log:

first column: time step, 4th column relative residual, 5th column absolute residual

To solve this you just have to switch from a “relative” to an “absolute residual”.



Thanks @rszoeke currently computing with your recommendations updated :grinning:


Hey @mlarreta!

I managed to run a quick analysis from your model. First I tried to do it with your original model but the contact was diverging due to sharp edges. Therefore, I made fillets along the edges and also trimmed the model in order to reduce the mesh size.

Moreover, due to symmetry along y-axis, I only took half of the model and apply symmetry boundary condition along the symmetry side. You can see the project here.

Below is the small animation of the outcome.

You can also try now yourself to setup the case :wink: If you have any question/s, feel free to ask. Happy Simulating!

Best Regards,
-Ahmed (@ahmedhussain18)


Hi @ahmedhussain18,

That’s an excellent work!, thank you very much with the simulation, I appreciate that.

It’s amazing the work that can be done with Simscale, congratulations.

I’m looking forward to use it has standard for teaching CAE module at university :grinning:.


Hey @mlarreta!

Thank you very much! I am glad you like SimScale :grinning: That would be great. I am pretty sure many students will benefit from this platform for improving there CAE knowledge.

Best Regards,