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Are my results up to date?

It would be great to have some sort of identifier to indicate that a simulation has changed since the last run.

I usually end up re-running more simulations than I need to, just because I can’t remember which ones I’ve changed.

To avoid this I’ve started putting an asterisk at the end of the simulation name when I make a change. This way, at the end of a project, I can rerun all simulations that need updating. This kind of works but it’s prone to error and could be done automatically.

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Hi @BenLewis

I fully support you request.

I’ve talked to SimScale guys about basic information about project. You mention modification dates. I would also add components sizes (geometries, meshes, simulations). Despite a huge disc space we get it is still good to know how much each element occupies. As far as I remember Johannes said they were working on it, so maybe in the near future we’ll see something new. He said they just tried to avoid cluttering the interface with too many information.

@BenLewis, @Maciek - thanks for sharing, very valid points. @BenLewis, the asterisk approach is indeed something the user interface should take care of, not you. Just that I understand this correctly: You’d like to have an indication whether or not a simulation run exactly matches the current simulation setup? Is that what you mean?

Hi @dheiny, this is not exactly what I’m looking for. It’s the other way around. I would like an indication in the current setup to flag whether changes have been made since the last simulation run.

It’s only a small point, but if the indicator is in the setup (as opposed to the run) then the user can see at a glace that all simulation runs are up to date (or not, as the case may be).

In the screen shot below the third simulation is marked with an asterisk. This would tell the user that this simulation either:

  • has not been run
  • the latest run has failed
  • settings have been changed since the last run

If all simulations have no asterisk then the user knows immediately that all simulations have a valid run that is up to date.

An asterisk may not be the best way to convey this information. I’ve just used it as an example because the asterisk is typically used to indicate that changes have been made to a file since the last save.