Archiving a complete project?


Hello, Is there any way to archive a complete project to your hard drive (or cloud storage) and upload it back into Simscale in the future if needed?

I am pretty sure this feature does not exist, but the way I work, when I finish a project I like to try and consolidate where my data for a project is stored. Right now I would have stuff in Onshape, Simscale, Google Drive, and on my local machine.

It would be nice to be able to create an archive of the cad, mesh, simulation setup, and optionally the results that could be stores locally or in the cloud. This would allow me to consolidate where my data is as well as freeing up my Simscale storage space and removing the clutter from my Dashboard.

If sometime in the future I need to look at that project again then I would have the option to load it back into Simscale.

Anyway, this is just a thought for a feature request.