Archimedes Screw Turbine Material Assignment Issue

I am simulating fluid flow throw Archimedes screw turbines. I have two bodies - a fluid domain made up of the screw and pipe, and a second body that serves as a rotating frame of reference for my MRF. I assigned the water to both bodies and have performed previous simulations without issue. Now I’m trying to run the same simulation and it’s not letting me due to the material assignment. Essentially, I’m being now told that I can’t do what I’ve done previously.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Link is here: SimScale Workbench

Hi @tayeni,

This is the result of a new validation rule that was implemented on the 24th of February. Basically, since for Incompressible analysis we can have a single flow region, the simulation setup accepts material assignments to a single volume.

In your case, the only volume which needs to be assigned to water is the actual flow region. The MRF rotating zone volume can remain unassigned - it will be treated as a cell zone.

Once the changes are made, the simulation should run without error messages!


Great, thank you!